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Academy Art U News

Got a quick mention in the Academy of Art University newspaper that was just posted. A couple weeks ago I was interviewed for the Future Now event I was a part of. Here’s a link to the article:

Pitching to the Pros By Nina Tabios

The interview was an appreciated reminder of the honor I felt of my project being included with other well designed projects. While I wasn’t selected to actually pitch my idea to the judges, I was ready to promote the concepts of sustainability (by using off-cuts of recyclable materials), marketability (associating the ‘Pelago Platform with [Oru Kayak‘s] successful brand specific design language), community building (connecting like-minded people together), portability (handily foldable and compact) and usability (a simple strap and clip system for implementation). If given the opportunity, I’d love to receive feedback as well from the judges on this project….

Highlighting my inspiration of the kayak protests in Seattle seems apropos in this time of civil strife the country is going through now. While social distancing is recommended to keep the pandemic contained, hopefully one day soon, the ‘Pelago Platform can be brought to fruition to bring us together in peace.