medical scanner

This was a small digital modeling project to demonstrate the usage of Autodesk’s fantastic surface modeling software called Alias. I thought of this handheld portable medical device as a product concept that would have compound surfaces for modeling in Alias. As a product the design would feature user interface components like LED indicator lights, miniature data display screen, and a touch user input interface that would be capable of reading a patient’s pulse, blood oxygen levels, and medical identification through a fingerprint.

General form as well as initial ideation sketches and rudimentary break-down of digital modeling plan
The LED’s not only act as indicators of what display setting is chosen, but also as buttons to select desired display.
Glass scanning surface would operate as a patient identification as well as detect their pulse, blood oxygen level, and potentially other pertinent data.
With further research and development, this product could potentially be utilized by medical staff to quickly collect medical and patient identifying data remotely in a busy hospital or emergency triage environment as well as transmit it to a larger data server for record logging.

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