lyft head pro

The design brief for this project asked to develop and design a head protection system for the publicly  shared scooter systems that are growing in popularity in our urban areas. To also develop this system specifically with the ride-share company Lyft as a potential new player in this scooter market.

Elements to take into consideration (i.e., potential pain points): 

• Fit a variety of head sizes and shapes
• Sanitation between users
• Storage of helmet when not in use
• Accessing & returning helmet after use

I chose to create a fictional (to my knowledge at least) branding of a secret design lab called Lyft Skunkworks.
Initial direction went with a collapsible helmet that would reduce in size to fit into a container of some sort. Decided not to follow this route due to the inherent complexity and likely user-confusion in dealing with folding panels, fitment to head, and potential storage or retrieval challenges with container. Another solution involved a high-tech airbag headband. While simple, compact, and technologically viable one day, this solution would eliminate most vanity issues by not mussing hair, would require minimal education in wearing it, and be easily made sanitary through material choices.
Continuing with the focus on the head protection system at large and the UX interface, the above drawings depict some of the helmet features and scooter mounting aspects. Various helmet styles were considered; most out of the traditional “Vespa” style as to feature an easily recognizable and familiar look for lowering the perceived “dork” barrier that many potential riders have.
Helmet Choice Controlled through UI Helmet will present itself as available within the on-board User-Interface screen; prompts in the application will allow user to choose whether to wear the helmet or not. If helmet is not removed from storage pod, the helmet will automatically lock and the ride can proceed.

Helmet strap includes a metal buckle that is magnetically pulled into the center of the storage pod for easing the helmet storing procedure.

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