bicycle project (WIP)

Existing Pain Points:

  1. Bicyclists with hydraulic brakes commonly have little knowledge of brake pad life or quality/condition of critical hydraulic fluid
  2. Inexperienced mechanics commonly have little knowledge of quality of their installation or maintenance feedback—relying frequently on guess-work
  3. Lack of brake usage from ride data can be an unknown variable in an athlete’s training regimen

Current Market Options:

There exists no digital sensor solution in the current hydraulic brake bicycle market that provides data on performance metrics, maintenance status, and pad and fluid wear-life.

There are many manufacturers of these components, but none of them [to-date] offer a data driven solution such as this.

Proposed Solution: Develop a small lightweight in-line brake fluid sensor that measures temperature, pressure, density, and viscosity which will provide data through key algorithms to a mobile Bluetooth user-interface device for real-time ride data, real-time maintenance data (i.e. pressure levels achieved during bleed, volume, etc).

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